Gilmore Girls – Winter

gilmore girls Chinese food:

“I Smell Snow”

“Luke Can Waltz”

The anticipation leading up to the Gilmore Girls revival has been eating me up. I finally sat down with a friend last night (and lots of chinese food) to watch the first episode in “A Year in the Life” called “Winter”. From the intro with various famous one-liners leading up to the first scene, to the very last scene of the episode with me shouting out “I knew it!” (when Emily conned Lorelai into seeing her therapist), I was so pleased with this episode. It’s killing me not to binge watch the other 3. But as promised, I have to watch it with my friends!

Some thoughts –

  1. The first scene made my heart melt.
  2. But Lorelai, what did you do to your pretty nose?
  3. Holy Moly where is Miss Patty?!
  4. Lorelai’s xmas decorations are #goals.
  5. Paul Anka is still alive? Or is that Paul Anka #2?
  6. I love how these girls still eat like crap….and yet are still so slender. I wonder what their blood pressure and cholesterol level is like.
  7. Fun fact – when I was Rory’s age (only 4 years ago) I was in a similar situation as her as far as “what am I doing with my life 30 year crisis”.
  8. Sookie is in the mountains on a sabatical? I hope she took Jackson and the kids. Also, that sounds like something she’d totally do. She was always a little looney that one.
  9. Emily looks amazing
  10. Personal note – I just recently lost my father, so this episode was kind of hard to get through. If I wasn’t watching it with a friend, I probably would’ve chickened out and turned it off.
  11. Oh Jason – you did not age as gracefully as the rest.
  12. Lorelai’s recount of the memory she shared of her father with Emily and her friends, with Lorelai falling asleep in the chair while Emily played a song for Richard, sums up what makes Lorelai my spirit animal.
  13. The moment in the very beginning of this episode, when Rory mentions traveling back and forth to London, I just knew Logan would be showing up.
  14. Oh hi Logan, “How you doing?”. Actually, between my friend and I it went more like “Ohhhh my gawwwd Logan!!!” (We’re 12 years old.)
  15. Why did Rory send boxes to everyone’s residence? Why not just Emily’s?? There’s plenty of room. Hello pool house.
  16. Hep Alien!
  17. Zac did not age as well as Gil.
  18. How is Sebastian Bach’s hair still so amazing?
  19. Paris!!! I knew it.
  20. Luke’s face during their consultation with Paris.
  21. No but seriously, why are Rory’s boxes everywhere?
  22. Even Taylor looks good. Seriously Jason, I’m starting to get worried about you.
  23. Still no cell phones allowed, but Luke has WiFi.
  24. If Lorelai’s ex’s are making cameo’s…does that mean we might see a cameo from Max? Maaaax Medina???
  25. Emily is wearing jeans. I totally shouted it as soon as I saw her. Long before Lorelai even brought it up. Just FYI.
  26. That’s Gypsy the entire time playing the housekeeper, right?
  27. Lorelai and Luke NEVER married? Whaaaaaaat??! Ok, I’m over it and totally ok with it.
  28. ÖÖÖBER. That is all.
  29. Paris and Doyle are dunzo? That’s sad.
  30. I recently was in a debate with my friend (same one I’m watching this with) about Michele’s sexuality. They never mention it. But, is he gay? She argued that he was maybe just metrosexual. Then BAM! We find out Michele has a husband. I win.
  31. I knew it….I knew Emily was going where she was going with this….I just knew it… come on Lorelai, even you should of known! Haha, they’re going to therapy together. Which honestly, they probably should’ve started doing a long time ago.

I can’t wait for Spring.



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