The Bachelor Nick Predictions

The Bachelor franchise is by far, my biggest guilty pleasure. It’s ridiculous, yes. Can be degrading to both males and females. But it’s entertainment at its finest, to me. And with 36-year old 3-time dumpee of the franchise Nick Viall, this season I’m sure will be “the most dramatic season ever”. DUN DUN DUN!

In the past, I have found myself turning to Reality Steve to find out the winner. I actually love knowing what the outcome will be. It makes it that much more fun to watch, believe it or not.

But this time around, I am going to try everything in my power not to snoop and find out. Reality Steve always has the lowdown, somehow and someway. Sure, he’s been misinformed a few times, but his track record overcomes it. Anyways, I’m going to try my hardest not to spoil it for myself. After all these years of watching, I feel like I’m good at guessing the winner anyways.

With that said, I have made my first round of predictions based on the bios and photos submitted. Yes, my predictions are based solely on looks, I’m sorry to say. But that doesn’t mean I think the other women aren’t as pretty. Honestly, all of these women are absolutely gorgeous! But Nick has been on THREE seasons now, so I think he has a sort of type. So here are my predictions of who will make it past the first night, marked with a heart 🙂

Is The Bachelor franchise one of your guilty pleasures too? Or is it just me??





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